Joint radio monitoring has been started for regulation of television and radio broadcasts in border areas with Georgia

In accordance with the agreement reached between the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport and the National Communications Commission of Georgia, joint radio monitoring was carried out in the border regions with the participation of experts from both countries for regulation of television and radio broadcasts in the borderline areas, efficient use of radio frequency resources and prevention of mutual interference .


Radio monitoring was conducted on July 18-19 in Georgia, and on July 20-21 in Azerbaijan.


At the same time, in accordance with the results of radio monitoring, discussions were held among specialists in the city of Ganja on July 22-23 for the compliance of television and radio broadcasts to international requirements and bilateral protocols and coordination of radio frequency channels in the border areas.


In compliance with the results of the discussions, it was decided to take appropriate measures to regulate radio frequencies for television and radio broadcasts in border areas and apply new digital technologies in this area.


Along with the representatives of the Ministry, the specialists of the State Administration of Radio Frequencies and Radio-Television Broadcasting and Satellite Communication” Production Union also participated in the meeting.