International Cooperation

The State Administration of Radio Frequencies closely collaborates with international organisations and their representatives in the field of telecommunication and radio frequencies. The State Administration of Radio Frequencies co-operates with the following international organisations to fulfil co-ordination activities and achieve agreements with neighbouring countries on civilian aradio communication networks installed or planned to be installed within the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as to ensure the registration of these networks at the ITU and settle issues on telecommunication, radio communication and wireless communication:  

 • ITU (International Telecommunication Union)

The ITU is responsible for regulation, standardisation, co-ordination and development of the international communication, as well as for co-ordination of state policies in the field of telecommunication.


• RCU (Regional Communication Union)

The RCU is a regional organization for co-operation in the field of communication with the goal to build comprehensive collaboration and take measures co-ordinated with member states.


 • CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations)

CEPT pursues collaborative activities to resolve issues on commercial, regulatory, operational and technical standardisation.