Administrative procedures

How are administrative procedures for using radio frequencies and utilizing radio electronic facilities carried out?

The administrative procedures on applications submitted by physical and legal persons for using radio frequencies and utilizing radioelectronic facilities are regulated in compliance with Decision No. 22 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 01.02.2007.

These procedures are fulfilled by the State Administration of Radio Frequencies and other corresponding state entities


In accordance with the existing legislation, legal and physical persons bear responsibility for implementing requirements stipulated by these Regulations, as well as for compliance of radiation and reception characteristics of the radio electronic facilities with normative legal and technical documents on electromagnetic compatibility


List of administrative procedures: 

 -Obtaining a permit on using radio frequencies;

 - Granting a permit on using radio spectrum for utilising radio electronic facilities;

- Granting permit on using civilian radio electronic facilities that emit electromagnetic radio radiation;

- Granting certificate on registration of radio electronic facilities and (or) civilian high frequency devices that emit radio radiation;

- Granting Radio Amateur Licences