Registration of radio frequencies

 What steps should be taken for the allocation of frequency nominal?

 Users to get permission for the allocation of frequency nominal have to pass below-mentioned stages:


 First  step

Permission must be obtained from State Commission for Radio Frequencies for the allocation of appropriate radio frequencies to use radio electronic facilities.

For this purpose, the following documents should be submitted to the Commission:

- An application to State Commission for Radio Frequencies related with the use of frequency nominals;

- Copies of company’s certificate, charter and Taxpayer Identification Number;

- Technical indicators of equipment to be used


Second step

With the aim of ensuring civil circulation of the radio electronic facilities to be utilised, it is necessary to obtain special permit and certificate of compatibility  from the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport.

The following documents must be submitted for this purpose:

-  Legal person's name, legal address, type of entrepreneurial activity;

-  Copy of the appropriate document to be given by tax authority to certify an applicant as a tax payer;

-  Copy of the decision of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies;

-  Copy of certificate of facilities granted in conformance with existing legislation;

-  Document on arranging measures for securing appropriate storage premises;

-  Information on manufacturer's serial number  of radio facility and its components .

Third step

The user signs a bilateral agreement with The State Administration of Radio Frequencies for the purpose of documenting radio frequency operation and usage of radio electronic facilities.

Documents required for the conclusion of a bilateral agreement:

-  Copy of decision of State Commission for Radio Frequencies ;

-  Copies of charter (regulations), registration certificate and Taxpayer Identification Number of the legal person;  

-  Copy of ID card of a physical person;

-  Copy of the special permit granted by the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport for civil circulation of radio electronic facilities;

-  Copies of certificates on compatibility of the radio electronic facilities;

-  Copies of questionnaires filled out and approved in appropriate manner.