Registration of radio equipment

The user applies to the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport for a Special Permit for the civil circulation of equipment to be used at the allocated frequency. After obtaining a special permit, a mutual agreement is signed between the State Administration for Radio Frequencies and the user of frequency in order to document the operation of radioelectronic equipment. Permit is issued after payment for the equipment to be used in the network is made in accordance with the tariffs approved by the Tariff (Price) Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The following survey forms are used to register radio electronic facilities in accordance with the technical specifications of the equipment:


1. Survey form for the base station (group)

2. Survey form for the base station

3. Survey form for the maritime communication

4. Survey form for the satellite mobile 

5. Survey form for the radio broadcast transmitters


6. Survey form for the ration  


7. Survey form for the radio relay line (group)


8. Survey form for the radio relay line

9. Survey form for the telephone satellite terminal

10.Survey form for the television broadcast transmitter

11.Survey form for the surface satellite station