Guba RCS

The Station for Radio Control over Broadcasting in Guba started its work in 2005. Initially, there were 8 employees in the Station, currently the number of employees has reached up to 11 people. The Station operates in two shifts. The Station continuously conducts radio monitoring and control over the operation of radio electronic facilities.

The primary task of the station is to monitor the operational frequencies of radio-electronic facilities that are operated by organizations located in service areas, detect sources of interference affecting on-air radio networks, find location of radio-electronic facilities operating in illegal manner, as well as to take certain measures to register these radio-electronic facilities in the State Management of Radio Frequencies.


The service areas of the Station includes territories of Guba, Gusar, Khachmaz, Hudat, Yalama, Shabran, Siyazan and Khizi districts.

By using modern technologies, the Station enhances radio control over broadcasting and quality of broadcast of TV and radio programs in service areas. For the purpose of conducting on-air radio control, the Station uses measurement and control devices such as the spectrum analyzer AOR 5000, analyzer SDU 5600, radio AOR8200, mobile frequency counter SCOUT-40, digital scanner and frequency meter Digital Scout, analyzer PR-100 , analyzer FSH-20 and "Promax HD RANGER 2. By means of Gazelle Sobol and Chevrolet NIVA vehicles with the installed Visual 6EM equipment, mobile radio monitoring, operational control, and technical and visual control of radio electronic facilities are implemented in service areas.

The Station of radio control in Guba controls the 300 kHz-3 MHz, 3 MHz-30 MHz and 87.5 - 108.0 MHz radio frequency bands and the 27-49 MHz, 150-170 MHz, 300-470 MHz frequency bands.

 27 DVB-T TV transmitters for broadcasting TV programs and 19 FM radio transmitters for radio broadcasting are operated in the service areas of the Station. Broadcast of local and neighbouring TV and FM radio programs is controlled and appropriate measures on broadcasting violations are taken by means of these transmitters.

The Station of radio control in Guba regularly carries out technical inspections of radio-electronic facilities operated in service areas, and also conducts radio-monitoring tasks to detect illegal operation of radio-electronic facilities and prevent occurrence of factors affecting the operation of GSM mobile operators. Appropriate measures are being taken to detect illegal users of radio-electronic facilities in service areas. Educational meetings with legal users of radio-electronic facilities are regularly held.