RCS no.4

The Station for on-air radio control no. 4 is located at the Village of Gunashli, residential district D, 34 Samir Jafarova street. The radio control station is equipped with several radio electronic means, such as US-produced stationary equipment TCI and device of Agilent Technologies that  allow  to automatically detect the location of radio transmitters being illegally used in the frequency ranges 9 kHz-80 GHz and the 8GHz-44 GHz respectively. The device of Agilent Technologies equipped with RF sensor equipment in the range 10 Hz - 44 GHz automatically determines the parameters of the signals received via a logarithmic antenna.

By means of the AMS Client software, the detection of on-air radiation sources is ensured through an automated network. TV and radio channels broadcasted from the TV tower are controlled through the Strim Lap software.