RCS no.2

The Station for on-air radio control no. 2 is located at Yasamal district, 30 Kamal Ragimov street, apartment 35. This Station has been in operation since the beginning of the 90s. The radio control station is equipped with radio receivers AOR8600, AOR5000A and a Japanese-made SDU5600 spectrum analyzer, as well as antenna-feeder devices operating in the frequency range 25 kHz-3 GHz. At present, 10 employees work at the radio control station in two shifts.

Based on the monthly radiao frequency monitoring plan being developed for frequencies assigned to enterprises and organizations, the Station carries out monitoring and technical inspection of these. Detection of interference factors and illegal networks are controlled by station engineers. TV and radio channels are regularly monitored.

The INFOSPACE software installed at the station detects sources of radiation through an automated network by using RF sensor equipment and the AMS Client software.