Astara RCS

The auxiliary on-air radio control station in Astara began operations in August 2007. The auxiliary station is located at Astara, 23 Azerbaijan street in the building of automatic telephone exchange. The operation of the station meets all the contemporary requirements. Currently, there are 5 people working at the auxiliary station.

Here, by means of modern equipments and devices, on-air radio control is being carried out. Receiving analyzers of the type PROMAX, the PR 100 analyzer measuring and receiving radio signals in the frequency range up to 7.5 GHz, digital and analog receivers (fixed and portable), digital and analog scout analyzers, fixed radio receivers AOR 5000, visual analyzer of the type SDU 5600 are being utilized at the auxiliary station. In order to carry out radio monitoring task for receiving continuous effective broadcasting of digital TV and radio programs in the populated areas of Astara and in the nearest outskirts, the station has the vehicle UAZ 3909.

According to the schedule of radio monitoring work on outside broadcasting and broadcasting of TV and radio programs in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic, the radio monitoring tasks are performed in the territory of the Astara district. In this station, if on-air violation or illegal broadcasting is detected during on-air radio control, then the accurate analysis is carried out and the administration of the State Management of Radio Frequencies and relevant departments are notified about this issue.

During the radio monitoring, TV and radio signals broadcasted from the territory of neighboring countries are analyzed and their directions are determined, as well as the coverage area of ​​new TV and radio channels is determined.